Educational Training

We conduct on-site half-day and full-day workshops designed to give you a practical understanding of addiction and the recovery process. We will teach you how to offer support to those struggling with substance abuse issues.


Type Of Audiences

Church pastors and key leaders
Church members
Community leaders
Professionals in the applied and social sciences
Undergraduate & graduate students in applied and social sciences
Educators and coaches from secondary and undergraduate/graduate levels
Parents, spouses, & relatives of substance abusers


Available Topics

Understanding Addictive Behavior – Where do addictions come from, and how do we get rid of them? Understand how and why people are trapped in addictions, and how you can know if they are ready to change.
Identifying and Assessing Addictive Behavior – What is the difference between a habit and an addiction? What are the characteristics of an addict? We will answer these questions, and more, to help you know who might need help.
Co-dependent vs. Tough Love – Where is the line between enabling and deserting a loved one trapped in addiction? This tough question produces much anguish and frustration, but we will teach you the best ways to help someone in trouble.
A Church’s Guide to Supporting Recovery – Specifically designed for churches who want to create a ministry that provides on-going support for members or community residents, who have gone through any type of recovery program.
Building Your Own Recovery Program – Adapt some or all of our program elements to create your own recovery program. We will teach you step-by-step how we created DAP, and everything we have learned along the way.

True Stories

Hear the inspirational, true stories of Cliff Harris, DAP founder, and other DAP clients as they detail their journeys from addiction to recovery. Use this as a motivational tool for those already dealing with substance addictions, or as a deterrent for others, or as a testament of faith and hard work.


Types Of Audiences

Church congregations
School assemblies
Specialized groups
Individual interventions

Available Formats

Large group presentation
Small group/classroom presentation
Informal rap sessions
Individual counseling

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