Teens & Young Adults



Truth Or Lies

So many teenagers and young adults hear “Don’t do drugs,” all the time, and that is easy to tune out. Our power point presentations use a quiz format to test what they know, and what they think they know, about specific drugs. Choose the power point most relevant to your audience, or we will create one that speaks specifically to you.


Types Of Audiences

High school students
High school student athletes in structured sports programs
College/University students
College/University student athletes in structured sports programs

Available Topics

Blunt Issues: Marijuana Truth or Lies
On the Rocks: Alcohol Truth or Lies
Smoke Screen: Tobacco Truth or Lies
Legally High: Prescription Drug Truth or Lies
Pumped Up: Steroid Truth or Lies
Crystallized: Methamphetamine Truth or Lies

True Stories

Hear the inspirational, true stories of Cliff Harris, DAP founder, and other DAP clients as they detail their journeys from addiction to recovery. Use this as a motivational tool for those already dealing with substance addictions, as a deterrent for others, or as a testament of faith and hard work.


Types Of Audiences

Church congregations
School assemblies
Specialized groups
Individual interventions

Available Formats

Large group presentation
Small group/classroom presentation
Informal rap sessions
Individual counseling




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