Yours, Truly


Yours, Truly

Freddie Harris’ book “Yours, Truly – One Woman’s Conversations with God” is an intimate ‘tell-all’ insight into her personal relationship with God. Freddie shares with you the bold and frank dialogue between her and the Father she gives her life to. Most importantly, she share the answers presented to her that continue to help guide her celebrated life today. Read the techniques anyone can use to deepen their spiritual relationship with God.

Especially for Women

Written by a woman, for women, Yours, Truly chronicles the struggles and victories of daily living, from a female perspective. It also reflects life’s impact on the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Father-daughter Bond

Yours, Truly reflects the special father-daughter bond that women need to feel secure, loved, and necessary. Only, it’s not an earthly relationship, but a spiritual relationship built with God, the Father.

Make it Personal

While Yours, Truly gives insight into one woman’s personal relationship with God, anyone can use the technique to deepen your spiritual intimacy with God. Try it, and watch your own bond develop into a powerful life force.

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