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Drug Alternative Program Beginnings


Our Stories

Cliff’s Story

I am truly a “brand plucked from the fire” See Zechariah 3:2. Born into a conservative, Christian, middle-class home, I spent 20 years worshipping drugs. My addiction began with marijuana, and then progressed to cocaine and heroin. My criminal lifestyle engulfed the moral values of my childhood. I did two stints in the Colorado state penitentiary, with many trips to prison in between. My addictions cost me my wife and children, my job, and my home.

In 1985, I admitted that I could not break the cycle of drug use by myself. I called on divine power to help me, and since that time, my life has come full circle. You can read my personal story of addiction and redemption in my book, DeathDance.

Freddie’s Story

After three failed marriages, (three times to one man), and three children, I finally stopped charting my own course and gave in to God’s direction. I spent one year “falling in love with Him,” and not worrying about my next romantic relationship. Toward the end of this time, a friend at church introduced me to Cliff.

With no intent of getting involved in another relationship, I said, “yes” when Cliff asked me to marry him on the day after we met. Well-meaning friends clued me in on his drug history, but I felt a distinct divine impression that marrying Cliff was part of God’s plan to save him. Twenty-three years later, our marriage is still going strong. You can read the story of my spiritual journey, in my recently released book, Yours, Truly.



Whom we serve

Our Christian recovery program provides drug-free, residential in-patient and transition homes for men ages 18 to 64.


Not like the rest

Our program differs from traditional programs in several ways:

1. Sixty-five percent of DAP graduates remain sober, productive citizens, compared to the 16 percent success rate of traditional programs.

2. Our in-patient program is 12 to 18 months, while traditional in-patient programs are 30 to 90 days.

3. Our in-patient program uses structured, disciplined daily living to teach clients how to maintain a drug-free lifestyle, while traditional programs use seminars or lectures.

4. We offer an environment completely free of any health-altering substances, like tobacco and caffeine.

5. Our program offers a daily work feature that allows clients to earn 50 percent of their program costs.


Other Services

Our program also provides scheduled times for:

1. Individual and group counseling conducted by licensed professionals employed at Loma Linda University, in Loma Linda, California.

2. Spiritual growth through group and personal devotions and weekly church attendance.

3. Weekly exercise and recreation, like swimming, basketball, tennis, racket ball, track, weight lifting, etc.



Ann Bradshaw

Executive Director LLU Center for Health Disparities

Ann Bradshaw has been a member of the board since 1990. Ann gives of her time by facilitating the monthly graduate support group and assits with counseling. Her present job is Office Manager, Canter for Health Disparities & Molecular Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Like this:Like Loading...

Lachelle Fenison

Co-Director Boys Recovery Home

Lachelle Fenison has served on the board since 1990. This year she was elected as the new board chairperson. She is married to Dr. Anthony Fenison, Orthopedic Specialist, and they are the proud parents of a teenage daughter and son. Like this:Like Loading...

Chuck McKinstry

Director of Property and Trusts Services

Chuck McKinstry has been the board chairman since 1990, shortly after the inception of DAP. With legal background, he has guided us through legal matters and kept us within the guidelines of a nonprofit organization. Chuck works for the Southeaster California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as Director of Property and Trusts Services. Like this:Like Loading...

Dan Olson


Dan Olson has been a member of the board since 2002. He is an active member of the California Bar Association, but is retired from the actual practice of law after 37 years. Like this:Like Loading...

Sharon Brunnabend

Former School Teacher

Sharon Brunnabend, a former school teacher, is the recipient of four teaching credentials.  She spent 24 years educating elementary and high school students in Canada and California. She and her husband, Ronald, were counselors and ‘den’ parents to the clients for 12 years.  We are happy to have her as a new board member. Like this:Like Loading...

Leon Seard


Leon Seard, MD, Urologist, was Vice-Chair at Baptist Hospital’s Department of Urology in Nashville, TN. He returned home to southern California and is now an Associate Clinical Professor and Ambulatory Director for the University of California at Irvine, Department of Urology. Leon has been an important part of DAP for the past 20 years and we welcome him as a new board member. Like this:Like Loading...

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