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Faith-Based Drug & Alcohol Recovery

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Call Us. We Can Help.

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12 to18 Month Live-In Program for Men

We have just finished producing 14 brand new episodes of our television show Drugs Close To Home. They will be airing on the Dare to Dream Network and on the Loma Linda Broadcast Network but you can watch them all here

Faith-based Recovery
Thank you for stopping by Drug Alternative Program, Inc. (DAP). We offer Christian recovery, support, and outreach programs designed to break chronic substance abuse and recreational drug use. We commit ourselves to teaching adults, young adults, and teens how to live healthy, useful, drug-free lives, full of joy and hope.

Healing the Whole Person
Our programs focus on healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of a person. You provide us with a sincere, committed desire to work hard for change, and we will provide you with 20+ years of knowledge and experience, blended with nurturing love and care.

We Are Here To Help
Please browse through our website to see if you, or someone you know, can benefit from any of our programs. We will assess and evaluate your needs free of charge. Feel free to contact us, or e-mail this link to a friend.


Our Facilities

In-patient clients reside in one of our three homes located in Grand Terrace, California

Program Costs

The program cost for our recovery home clients is up to 90% less than other programs.

In 1987, we embarked on our spiritual calling and founded DAP.

Drug Alternative Program is a faith based rehabilitation center.
A calling: because we both have dedicated our lives to helping men break free from  their addictions while preventing others from starting.
IWe are Freddie and Clifford Harris, co-directors of the Drug Alternative Program,
a non-profit organization that has,  for over 27 years, saved men and their families from the ravages of drug addiction. Please help us save more.  Make a contribution today so that we can continue to change lives.

  • Adults

    We give men addicted to drugs and their families the tools to experience healing and learn how to live healthy, spiritual lives.

  • Teens / Young Adults

    As Cliff shares his personal testimony about the danger of drugs (through visual aids) and how to overcome peer pressure, he shows practical ways to conquer drug addiction and make the right choices.

  • Churches

    hrough Cliff’s personal testimony presented at the morning Worship Service, a dependent and codependent support group is formed to assist men addicted to drugs and their families.

  • Schools

    After personal testimonies from Cliff and DAP clients at a school assembly, students reach out for help and a support group facilitated by DAP is formed to help them overcome their problems and/or major concerns of their peers.

What our graduates say about us

I used to follow a path of destruction by using drugs. These substances altered my mind so that I would not have to feel the pain of not having a job or a relationship with my family. I had nothing to look forward to. My choices were death or prison. Today I have a relationship with God and my family and a wonderful DAP support group. Most of all I have joy and peace in my heart. DAP taught me how to love, gain back my respect and follow God’s will for me. I have a sense of success. DAP rocks!!!

Anthony Parra
Anthony ParraDAP Graduate

Before DAP my life was miserable. My day consisted of getting drunk and getting high. I felt miserable, alone, and depressed. I wanted to die and often had thoughts of suicide. Today, I can say I am happy and excited to see what God has in store for my life’s journey. Today, I have Jesus Christ in my heart and I am a disciple for Christ. Living life without drugs and alcohol is so much better that being miserable and alone on drugs. Thank you Jesus, and my DAP family!

Jason Muñoz
Jason MuñozDAP Graduate

Before DAP I was very lonely. I had no direction and didn’t have any real friends. In fact, the only human interaction that I had with anyone was for drugs. I didn’t have any relationship with God. My only goal was to get more drugs. Drugs were my only sustenance. Now that I have graduated, I am no longer lonely. Today I am moving forward. DAP has given me the life skills that I need to move forward. It is good to be free from the enslavement of addiction but like all people, I still have flaws and problems. DAP only gave me the tools necessary to deal with life; now I must continue to put those tools into action. DAP helped me gain my own spirituality to help guide me through day to day life. Without that spirituality, without God, I would still be wandering aimlessly through life. Alone.

Christopher Wymore
Christopher WymoreDAP Graduate

I love you both very much! 20 years ago today, I walked into DAP an addict, and with Jesus and the program, I have been clean ever since. God has blessed me beyond my greatest wants and needs. Thank you so much for being the catalyst of my recovery. I will be forever grateful. Many blessings on you both and the program you guide. Thank you from the bottom of my drug free heart! 20 years “clean and sober” and in God’s hands. Praise Him!

Bill Seibert
Bill SeibertDAP Graduate